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To Alaska and Back I: Getting underway

It was wonderful to be back in the “land of the big trees;” each evening, after our chores, we walked around the docks or wandered the neighbourhood. One night we watched a family of river otters bed down in a pile of dead leaves; another evening we tracked damp racoon prints across sweet smelling cedar boards. The boat houses of Canoe Cove fascinated us–such fancy “boat garages” would be impossible to maintain in Nova Scotia, where each winter, snow and ice would wreak havoc on them. We also liked to peer at the starfish, fans and sea anemones that attached themselves to the pilings; we lived by and on the Atlantic, but everything here was different, brighter, bigger, multiplied. Continue reading

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The Spirit of Maria Mahoi

Russell Island is a crooked finger of land tucked into the eastern edge of Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island.  You can only get there by boat—though a kayak or rowboat would do if you were near enough to begin with. … Continue reading

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Into the San Juan Islands

International borders are strange and artificial things—they drive distances between spaces that are not at all far apart.  Charts and maps tend to reinforce such prejudices because often they omit lands or waters belonging to other nations—as on ancient maps, … Continue reading

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Getting off the Dock

  10 May 2012 It’s both an enormous relief and a struggle always to leave the dock.  Once we pull away, we sever certain ties with the land and its shops and roadways–as well as, in North America, simple assumptions … Continue reading

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