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How to Stop an Eagle from Drowning

1 July 2012 It was Canada Day, and we were convoy sailing with Kalagan, across Knight Inlet, when Rick called us on the radio: “Do you see what I see off to port?  I don’t know what we can do … Continue reading

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Fishing Lessons I

(June 2012) The entire time that Quoddy’s Run plied the coastal waters of Central America and Mexico, we refused to fish.  The skipper did not want fish blood and guts all over the deck, and we all thought it better … Continue reading

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Running the Yaculta Rapids North (Our turn)

26 June 2012 Dwelling on a challenge without actually meeting it can make it all the more fearsome. Once we waited for weeks before crossing the Tehuantepec in Mexico, a gulf of justifiably redoubtable reputation for winds, until the prospect … Continue reading

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Running Rapids North (The Historical Record)

The first published account of the challenging rapids awaiting any sailor or paddler headed north of Desolation Sound appears in an 18th century Spanish document, the English title of which is A Spanish Voyage to Vancouver and the North-West Coast … Continue reading

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