North of 50


Somber Desolation Sound

20 June 2012 Isabel Bay, Lancelot Inlet, Malaspina Inlet, Desolation Sound

Desolation wasn’t quite desolate when we arrived, but it was dark. Cloudy. The mountains invisible.  Glowering, looming, lowering sky.  But today we wake and the sky is blue. Birds sing; the water is still and reflective as a mirror, and the mountains have revealed themselves in all of their snow-capped glory.  The water makes a wavering mirror world: shining stones, green trees and mosses, blue sky and a scribble of clouds in the northwest.  It is the first day of summer and we are in Desolation Sound and it is (almost) warm enough to go swimming. We’ll go anyway.

Glory when the sun comes out

The sky is still light at 11, a few stars shining feebly: big dipper, little dipper, nothing but pale spots.

About Karin Cope

Karin Cope lives on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. She is a poet, sailor, photographer, scholar, rural activist, blogger and an Associate Professor at NSCAD University. Her publications include Passionate Collaborations: Learning to Live with Gertrude Stein, a poetry collection entitled What we're doing to stay afloat, and, since 2009, a photo/poetry blog entitled Visible Poetry: Aesthetic Acts in Progress. Over the course of the last decade, with her partner and collaborator Marike Finlay, Cope has sailed to and conducted fieldwork in a number of remote or marginal coastal communities in British Columbia and Mexico. Their joint writings range from activist journalism and travel and policy documents, to an illustrated popular material history of the Lunenburg Foundry entitled Casting a Legend, as well as their ongoing west coast travel blog, West By East.
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